To Send Mail:

To send a letter it is a base price of 2 credits which includes up to 4 total pages (2 sheets of paper front and back) or 2000 words, whichever comes first. We charge 1 mail credit for each additional 2000 words or 4 pages (2 sheets of paper front and back). You can also add photos, buy 1 get 2 free per letter (so 2 photos per additional mail credit per letter). You can also attach PDF documents. PDF's are counted as part of your 4 pages. (You cannot send photos or images in PDF files).

You can fund your account using your Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, or Square in the amounts below. (Square has a 5 credit minimum)

* Prices as of May 1, 2023


Jmail Box Subscription (Mailbox Rental):


$4.99 - Per Month - Jmail Box Rental
$45.00 - 12 Months - Jmail Box Rental -- Best Valule (just $3.75 per month when billed annually)


1 Credit per letter (each 4 pages)
1 Credit each additional 4 pages.
* Additional credit(s) may be charged for oversized items or items that require additional handling.

If you would like to receive your mail through our service (optional) you can sign up for Jmail Box under the Premium tab once you are signed in. The prices are listed above for the box rental and the right to use our address. Then we charge a scanning fee of 1 Credit per letter up to 4 pages and 1 Credit each additional 4 pages. Letters are scanned front and back of each page, blank pages are not scanned and do not count toward the 4 pages.



$5.00 Per Letter plus actual shipping costs.

If you are a Jmail Box subscriber and need a letter forwarded to you there is a $5 service fee plus shipping to forward a letter to you. If you plan to have more than one letter forwarded to you we recommend upgrading your subscription to the Jmail Box & Ship subscription listed below.



Jmail Box & Ship Subscription (Includes Jmail Box Above):


If you want the original letters forwarded to you after they are scanned and uploaded to your account rather than having them shredded, then subscribe to our Jmail Box & Ship service.

You can order this service in any of the following subsctiption lengths.

* You must request any letters we are holding for you to be shipped at the end of your subscription. Jmail will not continue to hold your mail if your subscription is expired.



Return items to an inmate from a letter you received. (Starts September 1, 2020)

1 Credit Minimum Service Fee

Additional Fees may apply depending on the weight of the letter and required postage.

Unused Credits Expire after 1 Year:

If you purchase credits from Jmail you must use them within 1-year of the purchase date or they will expire. There is an exception to this rule however; each time you purchase more credits your credit expiration date for all your credits will be extended to 1 year from your last purchase date.