To Send Mail:

We charge 1 mail credit for each 3000 words or 3 pages front and back (6 total page images). You can also add photos, buy 1 get 1 free per letter at 1 mail credit per photo (so 2 photos per mail credit per letter). You can also attach PDF documents. PDF's are counted as part of your 6 pages. (You cannot send photos in PDF files).

You can fund your account using PayPal or Square in the amounts below. (Square has a 5 mail credit minimum)


Rent a Jmail Box:


$25.00 - PER YEAR - Jmail Box Rental
$1.00 per letter (each 6 pages)
$1.00 each additional 6 pages.

If you would like to receive your mail through our service (optional) you can sign up for our Jmail Box Service. This service is $25 annually for the box rental and the right to use our address. Then we charge 1 mail credit per letter up to 6 pages and 1 mail credit each additional 6 pages. Letters are scanned front and back of each page, blank pages are not scanned and do not count toward the 6 pages.



Jmail Forward:


If you want the original letters forwarded to you after they are scanned and uploaded to your account rather than having them shredded, then subscribe to our Jmail Forward service. 

You can order this service in any of the following subsctiption lengths.