Terms of Service

You known from here after as "Sender" give permission to Jmail.cc, known as, "Provider" to send submitted online digital messages through the US Postal Service on Sender's behalf. Sender acknowledges this service is for persons aged 18 years and older. Messages will be sent unaltered and uncensored to the address Sender provides with the return address in which Sender provides. Provider is not responsible for undeliverable mail or mail sent by the Sender to an incorrect address. Sender is responsible for keeping contacts and addresses in their address book up to date and current. Senders who have elected to use our Jmail Box service authorize the provider to open correspondence addressed to the sender so that it may be scanned and uploaded to the sender's account. Provider does not monitor or sensor any incoming mail and it is Sender's responsibility to follow all rules, guidelines, and mail policies set forth by the prison facility in which they are sending their message to. Provider is not responsible for mail returned to Sender for mail returned by any institution which violates their policies. Provider is not responsible for the contents mailed by the sender. Sender shall not use this service to engage in any illegal activity and accepts all liability of messages sent. Sender releases Provider of liability for letters sent on Sender's behalf and accepts all responsibility. Provider does not provide refunds. Terms of service may be modified at anytime.