Send & Receive Mail with any Inmate, Person or Business in the USA!

Sending letters & photos to inmates, people or businesses in the USA has never been easier. Our service is a fast, cost effective way of getting your mail delivered anyone or any jail or prison in North America.

Don't want to give out your address to an inmate? Always on the go and can't receive your mail at home? You can receive your mail with Jmail too! Rent a Jmail Box to get your USA postal address and your letters will be scanned and uploaded right into your Jmail account so you can get your mail no matter where you are right from your computer, phone or tablet device.


Rob B.
Perfect! Jmail makes it easy and fast to write my family.
My husband and I live 5000 miles apart so Jmail is a cheap and efficient way to stay in touch. It's been a life saver :-)
Ashley S.
The purpose of this mesaage is to help other prospective jmail users make an informed decision on wether ot not to use said services. I would just like to say that i have been using jmail for several months now and i absolutely love it how convenient it is. I used to have to go to a Walgreens to print my pictures and then send them along with my letter. But with this platform i can send my letter/picture all in one just as easy as sending a text message or email. The prices arent bad too either :)

Jmail makes sending and receiving mail with inmates simple.

No matter where you are, your loved ones are only a click away.
Any device, anywhere in the world.


Jmail Box is a secure way to receive your mail without giving out your home address to an inmate! Rent your virtual Jmail Box today!

Your Account Features!

Address Book

An address book to save and edit all of your contacts mailing information.


Send photos with your letters! Your photos are professionally printed on 4x6 photo paper and included with your letter. Photos sent to inmates are watermarked with their last name and ID#.

Draft Box

A draft box where you can write and save messages to send later. It also auto saves as you type so you never lose what you have written.


All the letters you send or receive are saved in your account so you can come back and view them anytime you like.

Fast Delivery

With our Location based printing service, your letters reach their destination fast! Usually in as little as 2-3 days!

Customer Support

If you ever have an issue with your account, create a support ticket and a representative will promptly help to resolve any issues you may have.

Premium Features

Jmail Box

Route your incoming mail to our address so you don't have to give out your home address. You also get the benefit of getting your letters faster and on your computer or mobile device.

Jmail Box & Ship

With Jmail Box & Ship, you can receive your letters at our address and after they are scanned and uploaded to your Inbox, you can request the original letters be packaged up and shipped to you!

Your Messages Are Private!

Write whatever you want! We DO NOT read or censor any messages.
Your messages and photos are stored in your password protected account. Jmail never shares anything about our members or their letters with outside parties.

Using Jmail is an alternative cost-effective way to stay in touch with your inmate. You no longer have to worry about postage, having envelopes, printer ink, or trips to the post office. We take care of all that for you for the price of postage plus a $1 service fee. We also offer the best prices on photos!

Jmail is perfect for people who live outside the USA. Save money on international postage and shipping times. By using our service your letters are delivered in 2-3 days instead of 2 weeks.

Help your friends & inmate pen pals save money too by signing up for Jmail Box! They mail their letters to Jmail here in the USA which saves them money not having to buy international stamps. You also get their letters much faster, in usually 3-4 days, instead of nearly 2 weeks being shipped overseas.

Cheapest prices on sending photos in the industry! Don't waste time going to the photo lab to get your photos developed. With Jmail you can attach photos from your computer or mobile device to your message. Your photos are professionally printed on 4x6 high quality photo paper and included with your letters. Attach as many photos as you like. And by the way, we have the best prices on photos of any other inmate mailing service.


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